Bizarre Foods ~ Japan

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Join Andrew Zimmern as he returns to Tokyo for more unforgettable adventures in food from legendary seafood markets to becoming a horumon chef for a day serving up intestines from cows and pigs.

The Japanese have a passion for food and are willing to eat just about anything, and Andrew calls the vibrant and trend-setting city of Tokyo the food capitol of the world, after Paris and New York City.

Kurobatei:  Andrew tries the 20 lb. oven-roasted tuna head cooked and served whole. 

Alcatrazer ER theme restaurant:  Andrew and some friends dine on pig liver, cow tongue and Wasabi octopus balls, stuffed with ginger, dried shrimp and boiled octopus.  He really enjoys the brain matter martini.

Arashio Sumo Table:  Andrew visits a sumo dojo and tries chankonabe, a traditional sumo stew made with fried fried tofu, mushrooms, cabbage, and spring onions, with a base of chicken and onion broth.  It is rich in fiber and protein.

Tokyo Bay:  Andrew visits a tiny seaside district at the mouth of the Tokyo Bay where he eats bloodline and tuna skin gelatin.

Andrew goes to the biggest fish market in Tokyo, then visits a Tokyo Tuna restaurant and Horamon restaurant,

Alcatraz ER:  Andrew joins some new friends at this theme restaurant.

Andrew visits the home of Dr. Nakamats, then watches sumo wrestlers in a stable.


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