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Welcome to our Foodie Community and its voracious devotion to hyperdeliciousness!  Watch Foodie Network was created for people, whatever they may call themselves—foodie, bon vivant, or consummate gastronome—who want to learn everything about food and drink, both the best and the ordinary, and about the science, industry, poliitics and personalities surrounding food, as well as its impact on our health and nutrition.

Foodie Community is where fellow foodies gather and swap news and expert tips about anything related to food and drink. Share your favorite restaurant and bar; your favorite vendor at a local farmers market; your favorite wine or beer; or your favorite recipes, cookware and more.

Since food is inextricably connected to culture, we also explore the native culture and history of some of the more popular cuisines from around the world, which offers yet another opportunity for fellow foodies and travelers to share their own experiences with the foodie community at large.

To help foodies network, we offer forums with a somewhat lounge vibe, a video chat room which, in addition to being open 24/7 for group or one-on-one chats, features specially scheduled chat sessions on a variety of topics, and a calendar of foodie events (in the DFW area).

So dig in...and be prepared to get very, very hungry!

food·ie (noun)

  1. an aficionado of good food & drink.
  2. amateurs who love food for study, preparation, consumption & news.

bon vi·vant (noun)

  1. a person with refined taste.
  2. one who enjoys superb food & drink.

gas·tron·o·my (noun)

  1. the art & science of good eating.
  2. the study of the relationship between culture & food.

gas·tro·nome (noun)

  1. a connoisseur of good food & drink;  a gourmet.
  2. one who is well versed in gastronomy.

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