Bizarre Foods ~ Korea

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Andrew Zimmern travels to Seoul, South Korea, where the memories of the Korean War are a distant memory, for what he calls their under-appreciated cuisine He feasts on the country's most authentic soups, barbecues and fermented foods.   Among the dishes he tries is mussel clam scallop, octopus, kimchi, cheong, pork back soup, mudfish, oxtail, blood sausage, turtle soup, fugu and grilled eel.

At Chong Hei Chin, Andrew finds the Blue Sea Restaurant where he is served octopus still alive and moving, and soup from the bits of octopus and fish. 

Korean cuisine is influenced by China and Japan, and they like a rich variety of seafood, soup, barbecue and fermented food.  The Koreans have three types of soup known as guk, tang which is thicker, and jjigae which is a stew At the Won Chu Jo Tang, Andrew tries boiling loach (mudfish) soup filled with live mudfish. 

The winters can be cruel in Seoul and the Koreans preserve food during the summer.  Kimchi is pickled vegetables, and cheong is a fermented soybean dish Andrew visits a Korean barbecue where the meat is baked in a kiln, and a factory where cabbage is processed into kimchi

He meets Richard, a local food columnist, who takes Andrew to a sootgama, a baking sauna, before their meal of barbecue pork meat.  Soo-Jeong invites Andrew to view the kimchi factory and learn the secrets of making the dish.

Andrew wraps up his trip by teaming up with food bloggers, Daniel Grey, Oon-Long Ji and Oon Hockley for a food crawl at Lamb Land for turtle soup, as well as a visit to Hamulnara Restaurant for fugu, a blowfish which is poisonous unless it is served right, and grilled eel at the Jango-Gui Restaurant.


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