Japanese Vegetables

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Japan has a variety of unique vegetables.  In this episode, we take a look at some delicious and healthy Japanese vegetables.

Japanese cuisine places a strong emphasis on quality and seasonality of ingredients. This is especially true for vegetables, which are a fundamental element of Japanese cooking.

Apart from a few native types of vegetables, many vegetables used in Japanese cooking today were originally introduced from the Asian mainland.  Later waves of new vegetables reached Japan through the first contacts with Europeans in the 16th century and in more recent decades through a certain Westernization of Japanese eating habits.

Another frequently consumed type of vegetable is the kind that comes from the sea. Various types of seaweed have long been prized in Japanese cuisine as a rich source of nutrients such as vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, and dietary fiber.

Unfortunately, vegetable consumption has dwindled in recent years while processed foods have become more prominent in Japanese households due to the rising costs of general foodstuffs.


Adagio Teas


JAPANESE CUISINE:  We introduce you to the well-balanced Japanese menu and meal style.

JAPANESE RICE:  The pursuit of delicious rice to this day remains an ongoing national passion.

SEAFOOD:  The Japanese are masters at unlocking the flavor of the ocean bounty.

FRUIT:  With its clearly defined seasons and dedicated farmers, Japan is home to many varieties of sweet fruit.

GIFTS FROM THE FOREST:  Japanese have accumulated knowledge of producing high quality mushrooms and charcoal.

JAPANESE BEEF: Discover the secrets of the great taste of Japan's Wagyu, now an internationally recognized brand of beef.

JAPANESE GREEN TEA: Japan is extremely proud of its traditional drink. For generations, it has been indispensable to their way of life.


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