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  • Post your menus online

    Streamline to-go order phone calls, introduce new dishes, and promote house specials by sharing an online menu.  Add menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or split things up into separate pages for each.  Add photos of each item or just a few.  Menus are formatted for a clean printout.

  • Generate printable online coupons

    Boost sales and lure in new customers and regulars with limited time coupons and discounts.  Save on advertising costs by creating your own printable, customizable web coupons.

  • Promote orders with a mobile site

    Busy commuters can easily access your menu from the office, train, or on the road with a mobile-friendly design.

  • Google Maps integration

    Customers can't eat at your restaurant unless they know where it is. Make it simple for customers to find your restaurant with an embedded Google Map.

  • Easily publicize upcoming events

    With our events calendar, you'll never need to worry about keeping your restaurant's website fresh and current.

  • Introduce your staff with a gallery

    Introduce your chef and staff, or post photos of your entre├ęs, dining area and patio to attract new customers.  Display your photos in a grid of cropped, square thumbnails.  Feature a slideshow on your homepage.

  • Post reviews

    Get a great review from the local paper?  We make it easy to post and sort restaurant reviews online.

  • Email Marketing

    Use Constant Contact's powerful subscription software to collect customer email addresses, and then manage and send email newsletters to your customers whenever you want.

  • ReservationGenie

    Book reservations from your website without paying cover fees!

  • OpenTable

    Bring diners to your tables by offering online reservations right from your website. Use your restaurant's voicemail to direct callers to reserve online from your website.

  • Rez by UrbanSpoon

    Take online reservations with Rez to reduce overhead and increase reservations.

  • OpenDining

    Open Dining makes it simple and affordable to take web, mobile, and social orders. Online ordering consistently increases ticket size, order volume, and customer loyalty.

  • Social Networking Websites

    Attract new customers and draw back old ones. Link your website to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Yelp, Urbanspoon and more.

  • Facebook menu integration

    Show your menu as a tab on your Facebook page. Update it instantly from your website.  It's easy!

  • Textaurant

    Let guests wait online - not in line. They see wait times from your website or their phone and join the list from anywhere!

  • Google Analytics integration

    Track your Google Adwords ad-campaign and monitor customer traffic with free website tracking from Google Analytics.

  • Monitor customer satisfaction

    Find out where you're doing well and where you need to improve. See where you stand with your customers compared to competitors. Demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction by featuring an online survey on your site.

  • Post job openings

    Hiring? Post jobs descriptions and contact information. The link to this page appears in the footer of your website.

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