The Wonderful World of Korean Food

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Much of the food that exists today and the customs surrounding it have come from Korean royal court cuisine and the complex customs of the ancient court.  Meals are regulated by Korean dining etiquette

Korean food is a study in balance with consideration given to temperature, spiciness, color and texture along with careful presentation.

Kimchi and jeotgal are enjoyed by millions of Koreans everyday.  They are the hallmark of Korean fermented food and representative of the highly developed fermentation techniques.

Other popular Korean dishes include bindaetteok, or mung bean pancake, is a healthy dish made with fresh vegetables and seafood.  It is the perfect food to accompany a cup of traditional Korean liquor.  Bibimbap is a multicolored assortment of vegetables, savory rice and beef.  Samgyetang is an unique blend of chicken, ginseng, herbs, and rice.  Both galbi and bulgogi are types of marinated charcoal-grilled beef.

Hangwa and tteok are delectable and colorful Korean desserts.

A full-course Korean meal combines the country's 5,000 year old tradition and generosity towards food.

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